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Cinderella - Pantomime Scripts

Ella's happy life is turned upside down when her father, Baron Harup re-marries the evil Devilla Cruel. Forced into service and sleeping in the fireplace, she is re-christened Cinder-Ella by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters Hernia and Nausea. A chance meeting gets her an invitation to Prince Charming's Birthday Ball and with the aid of her Fairy Godmother and her loyal friend Buttons she attends and subsequently falls in love with her Prince. Her new family finds out and determined to end her happiness lock her in the cellar when the Prince comes calling for the foot to fit the glass slipper. Buttons saves the day and they all live happily ever after.


Cast: 4 Male, 7 Female, 3 M/F Parts




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Craig Hewlett » Cinderella