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Aladdin - Pantomime Scripts

Aladdin recovers the lamp and becomes rich beyond his wildest dreams, marrying Princess Yam Yam the daughter of the Emperor of Peking. All is well until Abanazar tricks Yam Yam into handing the lamp over and kidnaps her into the bargain. Twan Kee kidnaps Ho Kee and Co Kee and the villains flee taking all with them using the Washing Machine in Twan Kee's laundry that has been turned into a Time machine by Catnip the Genie. They travel to the 1960s where Abanazar becomes his alter-ego the villainous Dr Weasel. Aladdin comes to the rescue and they all live happily ever after. This pantomime was nominated for the South West Rosebowl Best Pantomime Award for its original and innovative content and storyline.


Cast: 5 male, 4 female, 5 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Craig Hewlett » Aladdin