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Sleeping Beauty In Verse by Dave Buchanan

A short version of Sleeping Beauty in rhyming couplets, based on Dave Buchanan’s full-length script.

Plot Summary
The Kingdom of Harmonia celebrates the birth of three royal children but King Willy makes the mistake of not inviting Grotte the Grim, the evil witch of the South West.  Eighteen years later Grotte takes a terrible revenge and Princess Titanya and the whole court fall asleep.

In this version, however, the Princess’s two brothers William and Johnny do not fall asleep.  With the help of Fairy Gentle, they are joined by suitor Prince Eric in an epic quest to track down Grotte and cancel her evil spell.

A mini-panto that is funny, inventive, and ideal for a young, teenage cast, with the addition of six recommended songs.

Running time (including songs): 52 minutes

ISBN  978-1-907307-93-5


The cast of Robin Hood & His Merry Men, a 2015 production by the Gabriola Players of British Columbia

The cast of Robin Hood & His Merry Men, a 2015 production by the Gabriola Players of British Columbia



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KEY: BC=Black Comedy, C=Comedy, CM=Comedy Mystery, D=Drama, F=Farce, G=Gothic,
M=Melodrama, T=Thriller





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