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With the panto season imminent, forward-thinking producers will be thinking already of the next production. In many cases this will be a one act play, often for a festival.

Spotlight has a wide range of suitable plays, many of them award-winning and so ideal for a ‘festival play’. Here is our full list.



By award-winning playwrights

Dave Buchanan
Doon The Watter (C, modern, 3M 1F 1M/F), Life of George (C, modern, 3M 2F, 1 girl), Lochleven (D, historical, 6M 4F), Oh Calcutta! (C, modern, 3M 2F), McPherson’s Farewell (D, historical, 5M 2F), The Real McCoy (CM, modern, 4M 2F 1 boy), Tom & Gerry (C, modern, 3M 2F), Winners (T, modern, 4M 1F).

Sherlock Holmes and Watson from The Real McCoy – a 2006 production by Newton Stewart Players at the Ryan Theatre, Stranraer
“Sherlock Holmes and Watson from The Real McCoy – a 2006 production by Newton Stewart Players at the Ryan Theatre, Stranraer”

Les Clarke
Never Saw It Coming (D, modern, 1M 2F), The Redemption of Jessie Murdoch (D, Western, 1M 1F), The Reluctant Witnesses (C, modern, 4M 2F), Saving Grace (C, modern, 3M 3F).

Simon Rayner Davis
Licensed To Thrill (CT, modern, 9M 6F)

Mark Edwards
Lucky (D, 1974, 3M 1F), Nightlife (D, modern, 1M 1F), Off The Record (D, modern, 3M 1f), Out Of Tune (C, 1940, 2M 2F).

Nancy McPherson
Excess Baggage, (C, modern, 6F), Fusion (D, modern, 3M 2F), Made Up (C, modern, 2M 2F), The Night I Danced With Cyd Charisse (C, modern, 3M 2F), Waste Management (C, modern, 2M 2F).

Ron Nicol
A Bird in the Bush (C, modern, 2M 3F), A Christmas Carol (D, 1848, multiple), Pig Tale (C, fairy tale, 1M 1F 10M/F), Scoundrels & Stratagems (M, Victorian, 4M 5F), The Chimes (D, Victorian, 8M 5F), The Cricket On The Hearth (D, Victorian, 4 M 4F 1M/F), Three’s A Crowd (C, modern, 1M 3F), Too Many Brides For Dracula (G, Victorian, 4M 6F), Two Tall Tales (F, Victorian, 2M 2F 2M/F), Two Tall Tales 2 (F, Victorian, 3M 3F 2M/F), Waiting For The Whale (D, modern, 3M 3F), Wolf Tale (C, fairy tale, 4M 3F 2M/F).

Mark Rees
The Beach Hut (BC, modern, 1M 1F), The Dressing Room (D, modern, 2M 3F), The Gathering Storm (D, 1914, 3M 1F 1M/F), Norman Is An Island (D, modern, 3M 2F), Some Mother’s Son (D, 1916, 4M 5F 2M/F).

Peter Rolls
The Comfort Machine (F, modern, 5F)), The Eagle Eye (F, modern, 1M 4F)), Marigold Mews (C, modern, 6F).

Claire Scott
Andrew’s Heart (D, modern, 2M 1F), Bumps (C, modern, 3M 4F), Kevins Above (C, futuristic, 3 M 1F 1M/F), Santa’s Christmas Carol (C, modern, 2F), These My Darker Angels (D, modern, 1M 1F 4 M/F), Tinsellitis (C, modern, 5M 13F)

David Weir
Confessional (C, modern, 2M 1F or 6M 3F)

Jane Lockyer Willis
Half A Crown (C, modern, 3M 3F), It’s Not The Same Without Norman (C, modern, 2M 2F), Visiting Hours (C, modern, 2M 5F), Walkies (C, modern, 2M 1F).


KEY: BC=Black Comedy, C=Comedy, CM=Comedy Mystery, CT=Comedy Thriller, D=Drama, F=Farce, G=Gothic, M=Melodrama, T=Thriller




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