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Final Curtain Call

We have now officially ceased trading

A personal message from Spotlight proprietor Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan

After twenty years plus in the publishing business I’ve decided to hang up my boots (or should it be tights?) and retire. As Spotlight is a sole ownership, this means that the company will cease trading as from 1st August, 2021. This decision was made on the grounds first, of advancing years, and secondly on the seriously bad trading figures of the last fourteen months.

The business first appeared in the late nineties trading under the name Wonderful World of Panto and soon became Spotlight Publications; it was always intended to be of limited duration. I feel that the time has come to call it a day.

After small beginnings, the venture turned out to be a success story. With the help of a few talented writers Spotlight pantomimes and plays were produced all over the U.K. and abroad: Canada, especially British Columbia and Ontario, Australia and once even in Beijing. Aladdin was produced in Dar Es Salaam by a group of very enthusiastic expats.

Heartfelt thanks are due to our customers, writers, friends and colleagues in AmDram around the U.K.; to SCDA, Stephen Lambert, Ron Nicol, the late Mark Rees, Robin Bailes, Craig Hewlett, Gill Morrell, Joy and Simon Davis, Nancy McPherson, Susan Mosley, Peter Bond, and more recently, Emma Houldershaw and Samantha Cartwright, whose modern panto scripts have proved to be so popular. Thanks also to my friend and colleague Camy McGregor of Kirkmoor.com for his techy knowhow in organising the website.

Customers please note that the scripts will remain in place for viewing up to 1st August, and performing rights for shows booked can be paid up to that date.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last twenty odd years with Spotlight, and my final message to customers is – break a leg!



(Dave has now exited stage right - thus avoiding the bear)


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