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Jack & Jill & The Beanstalk
By Craig Hewlett

Jack’s adventures up the beanstalk in the land of Guy Ant. Plus, a host of colourful characters including wicked Squire Sir Nicholas, and devious duo Robin Ublind and Will Cheatem.

Jack and Jill

Plot Summary
Jack's mum Dame Dolly Mixtures can't pay the rent so they sell off the family pet Daisy the camel. Two con men sell Jack some magic beans, and when he plants these, he is transported to the land of the Giant, where he fights the said giant and nicks his golden goose. Meanwhile evil Squire Sir Nicholas has kidnapped Jill, but all ends happily - of course!

Running time: about 2 hours.

For a sample script, click Jack & Jill & The Beanstalk.


By Dave Buchanan

Plot Summary
Aladdin is tricked by wheeler-dealer/magician Abanazar into retrieving the magic lamp from a cave in the hills.  The lamp enables him to pay court to Princess Ting-Ling, but Abanazar gets it back and usurps the throne of China.  However a combination of luck and youthful ingenuity restores the status quo and all ends happily.

The plot fairly cracks along with a mixture of comic set pieces and spectacular FX.

Running time: approx. 2 hours.

For a sample script, click Aladdin.



By Dave Buchanan
(A mini-panto in rhyming couplets)
Dave Buchanan’s rhyming version of the classic tale features the two wonderfully appalling Ugly Sisters Tiger Lily and Trixibelle. 

Plot Summary
Cinderella lives at Hardup Hall, but has rather a hard time at the hands of stepmother Lady Hardup and stepsisters Tiger Lily and Trixibelle.  The latter are determined that Cinderella shall not go to Prince Charming’s Grand Ball, but  Buttons is equally determined that she shall.  And of course she does, with the help of Fairy Godmum Foozle.

Running time: with songs, about 55 minutes.

For a sample script, click Cinderella in Verse.




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